College of Charleston Class of 2015. Bachelor of Arts in Arts Management and Studio Art.


Exavia Baxter
Lewis Law Group, LLC
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Exavia Baxter

Over and above having extensive knowledge of the entertainment legal industry, Ms. Baxter is an accomplished artist and musician. She graduated cum laude from the College of Charleston in 2015 earning a Bachelor of Arts in Arts Management and Studio Art. During her time at the College, she took Exavia BaxterMr. Lewis' "Legal Aspects of the Entertainment Industry" course among other courses highly relevant to her current position, and interned at Baxter Music Enterprises, LLC. Through her internship, she became the Administrative Assistant at BME, LLC. After graduating from college, Ms. Baxter became the Program Coordinator of the Arts Management Department at the College of Charleston. While there, she served as the departmental liaison and helped bridge the perspective gap between students and her colleagues. Ms. Baxter joined Lewis Law Group in November 2016 as an Executive Project Assistant assisting with research, copyright registration, trademark matters, and general client relations.